Surfatek is a leading developer of advanced surface and coating technology for industrial and medical applications.  

Its surfaces and coatings amplify the performance of

industrial and medical products for numerous customers.


Surfatek's develops custom surfaces and coatings for customers and provides a range of traditional surface technologies for situations when custom solutions are not required.


Industrial Solutions

Surfatek solutions interact with materials at their most basic levels - atomic and molecular physics to create performance not possible with just the base materials.


Surfatek uses titanium to create an extreme adhesion surface for materials that don't normally bond. Bulk titanium lacks that property, but the titanium adhesion surface works.  It can even be applied to titanium to create the desired performance.

Surfatek exploits its advanced knowledge of nanoscale surface topology to create surfaces that deliver very special performance for a broad range of scientific, industrial, commercial and military applications.  It uses both its proprietary plasma technologies as well as a few of its more traditional surface processes in combination to create proprietary surfaces that provide its customers with a clear competitive advantage.  


Those advantages range from significantly extended product life to unique analytical surfaces that facilitate biomaterial use not possible with other surfaces to reduced friction that allows faster and cooler running components...plus much more.


Far Better than any Tool Steel, Specialty Alloy or Traditional Tool Coating.

An Advanced Multi-Layer Nano Composite that outperforms all traditional metal coatings such as chrome (Cr) and ceramics such as titanium nitride (TiN) and zirconium nitride (ZrN).

pH2Obic Coatings

Surfatek develops hydrophobic surfaces for highly challenging applications, including ceramic and composite surfaces for marine, scientific and extreme environments where performance and durability are the critical measures and PFOA-free polymer surfaces where performance needs to be delivered within specific cost constraints.



Traditional Solutions

Surfatek employs a range of traditional surface and coating technologies to proivide its customers advanced surface performance cost effectively.  Not everyone needs the leading-edge performance of Surfatek's proprietary surfaces.  Often, traditional surfaces, applied intelligently can amplify a product's performance or solve a nagging problem.

Surfatek produces many metallic, ceramic and polymer surfaces and coatings.  It produces those surfaces on a very broad range of base materials:  Metals, ceramics, glasses, polymers, wovens, non-wovens, collagens and more.

Surface Modifications

Surfatek provides a broad range of traditional surface modifications. This link provides information about the surfaces, the materials applied and the base materials opon which those surfaces can be applied.

Coating Technology

Surfatek employs a wide range of proprietary and traditional surface and coating technologies, including various forms of Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) to create the exact preformance that is required. Below is a list of some of the traditional methods used at Surfatek to deliver the preformance you require.



Costum Solutions

Surfatek provides Custom Surface Development when you need product performance not provided by either Surfatek's proprietary surfaces or its traditional surfaces and coatings.


Surfatek delivers unique performance through its ability to interact with materials at their most basic levels - atomic and molecular physics - as well as its advanced knowledge of nanoscale surface topology. It draws from its proprietary plasma technologies as well as its more traditional surface processes, often using them in combination to create proprietary surfaces that provide its customers with a clear competitive advantage


Surfatek has developed a broad range of custom surfaces that include

  • Surfaces that more than double the life of lighting elements for scientific equipment

  • Polymer-free surfaces that elute drugs such as antibiotics and cardiac drugs

  • Endothelial attachment surface for coronary devices

  • Multi-element surface conductor for tubing

  • <200 micron diameter, light-weight, silica-core conductors that are immune to plastic deformation fatigue



If you would like more information about PcoMed surfaces, coatings and services,

we are happy to discuss your medical device and performance needs.  

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