Surfatek provides Custom Surface Development when you need improved product performance.


Surfatek has developed a broad range of custom surfaces that include:

  • a surface that more than doubles the life of lighting elements for scientific equipment

  • polymer-free surfaces that elute drugs such as antibiotics and cardiac drugs

  • an endothelial attachment surface for coronary devices

  • a multi-element surface conductor for tubing

  • <200 micron diameter, light-weight, silica-core conductors that are immune to plastic deformation fatigue and therefore unaffected by endless flexing 

Surfatek delivers unique performance through its ability to interact with materials at their most basic levels - atomic and molecular physics - as well as its advanced knowledge of nanoscale surface topology. It draws from its proprietary plasma technologies as well as its more traditional surface processes, often using them in combination to create proprietary surfaces that provide its customers with a clear competitive advantage

Custom Surface Services

Optical Coatings For Scientific, Commercial And Consumer Applications

Super-hydrophobic coatings to shed rain and snow, scratch-resistant coatings, transparent conductive coatings and much more.  Surfatek can develop a surface or coating to meet your specific need.  Come talk to us when others can't deliver the performance your product requires or cannot deliver the competitive advantage that you want in the market.

High-Performance Coatings For Advanced Biomaterials

Exceed the performance of current coatings for slides, coverslips, plates and more.  Your new biomaterial may not "play" well with current laboratory and test substrates.  Let us create a surface that allows your customers to use your new materials easily.  Remove the obstacle to having your new material adopted quickly and broadly.

Low-Friction, High-speed Coatings For Top-tier Athletic Equipment.

Exotic materials and designs go into developing the fastest bikes for the Tour or the fastest sleds for the Olymics and other world-class competitions.  Don't stop there. Exploit the additional speed and performance advantages of leading edge, nanoscale surface technology. 

Environmental Coatings That Will Shed Contaminants From Commercial And Consumer Communications Equipment.

Don't let environmental conditions, including snow, degrade your communications performance.  Protect your investment in high-cost commercial equipment from corrosion and gradual performance decline.


Surfatek's ceramic and polymer hydrophobic coatings plus its ceramic composite coatings can be a highly cost-effective way to prevent performance degradation, avoid service calls and extend the life in the field of your investment.

Specialty Coatings And Tool Life Extension Surfaces For Extraordinary Wear Applications.

Traditional coatings such as chromium nitride (CrN), titanium nitride (TiN) and zirconium nitride (ZrN) and others are great surfaces for extending product and tool life in many applications.  But they often don't stand up in extraordinarily demanding applications.


Those incredibly harsh applications often demand an Advanced Multi-Layer Nano-composite, such as Surfatek's ToolArmor, or in some cases a Custom Multi-Layer Construction.  Surfatek has the know how to develop solutions for most demanding applications.  Discuss your needs with us.

Decorative Finishes

Any product that will benefit from a beautiful finish, precision-tuned performance and superior protection from scratches and corrosion is a good candidate for a Surfatek coating. A number of standard Surfatek surface modifications are good candidates for your decorative finish needs.


On occasion materials may not be compatible with traditional solutions.  Surfatek is happy to develop a solution for you.  Usually it involves "adjustments" to a traditional surface or process, not a ground-up development project.  Surfatek has the experience and skill to provide very cost-effective modifications to meet your specific needs.

Other Surface Needs

Surfatek is approached regularly by companies that need extended performance from their products.


Companies also find that environmental restrictions are limiting their access to high-quality plating which is particularly important in demanding scientific or high-tech applications. Surfatek can provide extraordinarily uniform metal and other surfaces from a few atoms thick up to multiple microns with virtually perfect results and no adverse environmental impact.