Life Extending Tool Surface

Live Forever.    Run Parts Faster.    Handle the Most Abrasive Jobs.   Save Money.

How It Works

What Makes Production Tools Last Indefinitely?

Injection Molds

Cutting Tools

Stamping Dies

Extrusion Dies 

and Equipment

Benefits of ToolARMOR


- Save Money.

- Stop Replacing Old Tools.

- Cut Lifetime Cost of High Quality Tools.



- Avoid Tool Headaches and Hassles.

- Handle Tough, High-Abrasion Materials

with Ease.

- Improve Low-Quality Tools. 

What Makes ToolArmor Unique

 An Advanced Multi-Layer Nano Composite

outperforms all traditional metal coatings such as:

- Chrome (Cr)

- Titanium nitride (TiN)

-  Zirconium nitride (ZrN).

Additional Benefits

- Near room temperature application.

- 85 Rockwell C hardness coupled with essential flexibility.

- High lubricity - Coefficient of friction of 0.05.

- Chemical Inertness

- Strong Thermal Stability

- High part fidelity from nanometer surfaces.

- Rejuvenation of the surface with no stripping.


- Faster Running - Usually 15-75%


- Eliminate or reduce mold release